Milky Way Human Hair Lace Front Adora Color 2 Dark Brown

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Milky Way Human Hair Lace Front - Adora Color 2 Dark Brown

  • Premium quality lace
  • No fuss or mess, just perfect hair
  • Securing with front back placement combs

Milky Way 100% Human Hair Lace Front-Sculpting tabs form a perfect fit-Premium quality lace-Natural invisible hairline-longer lace from ear to ear-A one-seze fits all adjustable cap-Securing with front back placement combs-No fuss or mess, just perfect hair1 Minute Application InstructionSTEP 1 Braid your hair in cornrow or secure by using hair clipsSTEP 2 Trim the lace according to your hairlineSTEP 3 Secure the wig along the hairline using hair pinsSTEP 4 Style as you desire and be naturalMaintain Instruction- Apply lace adhesive-remover thoroughly to remove glue and oil from the lace- Store Lace Front on a wig stand- Refrain from use of heavy oil and pomade applications- Mist with water onto the lace front and shake out the curls to refreshWash Instruction- Mist the lace front with water to dampen; do not immerse into water- Apply shampoo, gently wash them in vertical motion, and softly pull out the remaining- Apply conditioner if necessary- Rinse with water spray or gentle splash- Blot out wet hair with towel and shake out the curls- Allow it to air dry on a wig stand

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